Higher Quality Stocks More Lucrative Than Low Priced Stocks

Making money in stock market is an art. Only those traders are able to make huge money which have acquired in-depth knowledge of stocks, incorporated right trading tools and have formulated a well thought trading plan. Stock markets have huge potential which could make you billionaire within a few years, provided you trade like sophisticated investors or traders.If you want to be really successful in stock trading then you have to stop thinking like the masses. You will have to think out of the box, react appropriately to the opportunities and keep the emotions aside. It is common perception of mass investors and traders that low priced stocks are a better option to invest in. It may be true up to a certain extent but if you ask sophisticated traders then they might call it just a myth.Mostly novice investors could be seen running after low priced stock since they believe they are more lucrative. If you are also among such investors then you need to pay extra attention while investing in such stocks. In stock markets everything happens because of a reason. If we call stock market trading, a gamble game then there is some reason behind it. Similarly, there is a solid reason due to which the stock is low priced. You must give a thought to it.Not all low priced stocks offer potential benefits. Only those stocks that have higher quality and are priced low keep the potential to give you lucrative benefits. You will have to divert your attention to the fact that stocks are priced high since they perform really well, have huge demand in the market and promise huge benefits. Similarly, stocks are priced low because they may be not performing well, may be not in demand or they may be overlooked by the investors. Effective research before investing is desired from a smart investor. You must run after quality not low prices.Quality never comes at discounted price. And this is the reason that quality stocks are priced according to the current market value or at the perceived value in a given market situation. A $3 stock is trading at this price today since it is the worth of this stock in eyes of investors. And a stock priced above $100 also has huge fan following because it has that quality which might not be available in a $3 stock. Therefore, if you can afford to invest in stocks priced high then you must do it. Do not compromise on quality of stocks. But before investing you must lookout that the stock you are investing in should not be overpriced or underpriced. Sometimes low price stocks offer more quality than a high priced stock. Such stocks have a lower price may be because the market ignored them.If you look at the history of stock market then you will find an interesting and shocking fact that most of the stocks that are priced at $2 or bellow got de-listed or bankrupt before they could give any gains to their investors. So beware of such stocks. High price stocks belong to high quality companies that have a successful business, provide innovative products or services and hence have huge earnings and revenues. In reality, underpriced stocks of high quality companies perform really well and give double or even triple digit gains to the investors. According to an independent study, it has been found that stocks of range $20 -$50 perform well and generate the most lucrative benefits.In order to cash those fruitful gains, you must invest in stocks that have high probability of success based on both technical and fundamental analysis. Ultimately what matters is the quality and potential of a stock neither its price nor its lot size. To understand this fact, let us look at the example – suppose a novice investor has 5000 shares of $3 stock and a seasoned trader or investor has 100 shares of $150 stocks. Both the stocks jumped 25% within a month’s time then the net result for both the stocks remain the same.A 25% gain in a stock of value $5 will reach at $6.25 while 25% gain in a stock of value $60 will reach at $75. The gain percent is the same but perception of the value could be easily estimated to find more lucrative option. However, it is obvious that the stock of value $60 will take time to take a good jump while a low priced stock will grow instantly but the same situation is applicable for the downside. A high priced stock will fall at very less speed as compared to that of low priced stock. Also, an investor has the opportunity to sell his high priced stock even if it drops while a low priced stock will lose all its value and you may find it really difficult to sell it in the market.While investing in the stocks, investors must look at the quality of the stocks, not its price. Neither the low price nor quantity of shares could offer you potential gains. What can promise you huge benefits is a high quality stock.